1. Beautiful 2. Tall 3. Dark 4. Green 5.hot 6.purple 7. Smooth 8.dirty 9.happ…

1. beautiful
2. tall
3. dark
4. green
5.hot 6.purple
7. smooth

pa sagot namn po​


She was beautiful

Sheila was tall

My room was dark

The garden has lot of color green

The coffee was hot

Her hair was purple

His skin was smooth

Megs house was dirty

I’m happy

The floor was wet


1.rośe is beautiful

2.kim namjoon is tall

3.the room is dark

4.v have green hair

5.minyoongi look’s so hot

6.jungkook have purple t-shirt

7.mavione has have a smooth skin

8.the house is dirty

9.i’m very hapy

10.the floor is wet

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