11. Which From The Given Choices Reflects The Context Of This Statement? "Th…

11. Which from the given choices reflects the context of this statement?
“The advertisement shows users with clear skin but when I buy and use the product on my face, I develop so
many pimples”!
a. False image b. Plain folk
c. Transfer d. Testimonial

12. This propaganda technique tells only positive or good things about a product
without giving evidence or facts.
a. Novelty
b. Bandwagon
c. Glittering generality
d. Reward

13. “Most of the people in town have tried the local product of Mang Eming’s Farm. You should too!”
What type of propaganda is this?
a. Reward
b. Slogan
c. Bandwagon
d. Scientific

14. Which of the following uses catchphrases or slogan propaganda?
a. Smoking kills!
b. Active children use KID Cooling Powder to prevent sweating and rashes during play time.
c. Promo! Buy 5 packs of biscuits, get 1 free lunch box.
d. Use Franzy’s Papaya Soap for smooth and white skin.

15. This is a propaganda technique that uses ordinary people to sell something.
a. Glittering generality b. Plain folk
c. Testimonial
d. False image
FIL. Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

16. Which of the following recommended nutrients found in a product does not belong to the group?
A. Cholesterol B. Carbohydrate
C. Sodium
D. Oxygen

17. It is the standard measure of food or substance that is served.
A. Serving size B. Calorie
C. Package D. Label

18. It can be a box, plastic wrapper, or any covering material to protect, seal and hold a product.
A. Label
B. Package
C. Serving size
D. Calorie

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19. This tells the product life span.
A. Serving Size B. Total fat
C. Expiry date
D. Nutrients

20. The chemical compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen found in a product
is called
A. Total fat B. Cholesterol
C. Sodium
D. carbohydrate​


12. B




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