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300 words essay

Answer: Throughout high school, I had always excelled in academics. My mother is a college professor and my father is a teacher, so learning was instilled in me at a very young age. During my junior year (a monumental year for future college students), I faced a significant setback when I received a failing grade on a crucial exam in a class that I had always done fairly well in. A failure. That’s exactly how I felt. I let my parents down and more importantly, myself. Overwhelmed with insecurity and self-doubt, I went the entire day in shock and questioned how this would affect my future in higher education. Was I even cut out for the academic rigor of college? Before I began to spiral, I sought out comfort from my parents and guidance counselor. With their grace and understanding, they pulled me from the depths of devastation and I quickly realized I would be okay. Yes, a failing grade on an important exam is crushing but I could work hard and tutor for the rest of the school year to prevent it from happening again and save my grade in the class. I realized that failures are a part of life and that it is how we react to them that determines our success. I also learned the importance of seeking help and support from others. By working with my teacher and tutor, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and improve my grades. And of course, I learned to persevere in the face of adversity, no matter how big my problem seemed at the current moment. This experience was a turning point in my high school career and helped to shape the person I am today. I am grateful for the lessons I learned and the growth that came from this challenge.

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The film Cesar Chavez covers a currently relevant theme of mistreatment of immigrants in the United States. The movie’s central conflict revolves around the titular hero’s struggle to establish non-exploitative labor contracts from farm owners in California (Luna, 2014). As Cesar Chavez and his agricultural coworkers are predominantly immigrants, they are maltreated and exploited by their employers with near impunity, reflecting the lack of protections for temporary migrant workers. As an immigrant, Cesar Chavez is mistreated by local authorities who view most migrant workers and families with suspicion (Luna, 2014). Immigrants, particularly those who do not have the local ethnic majority’s skin color, are presented as at risk from the native population. The Californian community and authorities see themselves as superior to Hispanic immigrants, which they consider to be a reason for justifying much of their exploitation and ill-treatment of non-natives.Immigrants all around the United States and globally have often been treated with disrespect, suspicion, leading to subsequent separation. The book gives an example of various European nation-states in the early 19th century, where immigrants were particularly discriminated against and inappropriate behavior was shown towards them (Rattansi, 2007). In the case of Britain, Irish people fleeing from famine were portrayed as “ape-like and innately fond of living in filth, just like their pigs” (Rattansi, 2007, p. 38). Thus, many local individuals would attach negative stereotypes to newcomers when immigrants come from economically-developing countries. Therefore, prejudice is not only portrayed verbally; it is also inherited by the United States’ judicial system. For example, the 1790 Act of Congress declared legal rights exclusively to white people, as discrimination is often deeply rooted in laws (Rattansi, 2007). Therefore, the theme of mistreatment in the movie is especially apparent aftein-lawsing more about the impact of injustice on the US’s laws, affecting employment procedures.

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Sino ako bilang tao essay. Essay tagalog sino ako cleopatra essay. Solution: asean literature lecture

Essay tagalog sino ako Cleopatra essay

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Essay tagalog sino ako Cleopatra essay

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Essay tagalog sino ako cleopatra essay. Sino ako bilang tao essay. Paano mo nakikita ang iyong sarili limang taon mula ngayon

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Sino ako bilang tao essay

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Essay tagalog. 😊 sino ako essay tagalog. sino ako. 2019-01-22. Essay tagalog sino ako cleopatra essay

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Sino ako. 😊 sino ako essay tagalog. sino ako. 2019-01-22. Halimbawa ng anekdota sa sarili

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