A 70 Kg Man Finds Himself Floating In A Deep Space, What Is The Mass Of The Man…

A 70 kg man finds himself floating in a deep space, what is the mass of the man in that deep space

The force exerted by a person who weighs 70 kilograms (706 Newtons) on Earth (or 160 lbs). The astronaut’s weight, measured in Newtons, is 632 when they are in orbit in deep space (142 lbs) or 64.45 kg. It reduces by almost 10 % in the deep space.

In every scenario, the mass of the astronaut will remain the same. Accordingly, the astronaut has a mass of seventy kilos on Earth, seventy kilograms on the moon, and seventy kilograms on mars. In a similar vein, the mass of an astronaut is multiplied by the gravitational constant of each planet to determine its weight.

Deep space is defined as the region of space that lies much beyond the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere, specifically the region that extends beyond the earth-moon system.

It is a common misconception that space is devoid of all matter; however, this is not the case. Space is actually a near-perfect vacuum that contains a low density of particles, most of which is a plasma composed of hydrogen and helium, in addition to electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust, and cosmic rays.

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