A. Copy The Verb Used In Each Sentence. 1. The Health Workers Conduct Vaccination. 2….

A. Copy the verb used in each sentence.
1. The health workers conduct vaccination.
2. People stay at home.
3. The governor of Bataan declares Modified General Community Quarantine in the whole
4. Angelito always washes his hands.
5. Corona virus is deadly.
6. It causes death among many people.
7. Community pantries help the poor.
8. We should protect ourselves against diseases.
9. Arellano Elementary School observes the rules on safety protocols.
10. You are a grade six pupil.​


  1. conduct
  2. stay
  3. declares
  4. washes
  5. deadly
  6. causes
  7. help
  8. protect
  9. observes
  10. wala naman pong action word (verb) sa number 10 hehe.
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