ACTIVITY 1: SHOW ME THE WAY! Directions: Read Each Situation And Ans…

ACTIVITY 1: SHOW ME THE WAY! Directions: Read each situation and answer the question guided by the diagram below. Write your answers in your answer sheet. SITUATION NO. 1 Scenario: Pedro is applying for a job. He has prepared his curriculum vitae and portfolio to make sure that he has all that is needed for the interview that is scheduled the following day. During the interview, he was asked the following questions “Should you be hired? How will you contribute to this company?” Pedro replied “I will do all my best to do my duties as assigned without complaints. I will give my best efforts in all tasks related to my work.” Guide Question: 1. Who is the sender? 2. Who is the receiver? 3. What is the message? 4. What channel of communication is used? 5. What setting of communication is reflected in the given situation?​


It seems that you’re seeking assistance with an activity related to communication. Here’s a possible response to the given questions:

1. The sender is Pedro.

2. The receiver is the interviewer or the company where Pedro is applying for the job.

3. The message is Pedro’s commitment to work hard, do his duties without complaints, and give his best effort.

4. The channel of communication used is verbal communication during the interview.

5. The setting of communication is a professional or job interview setting.

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