Activity 2: Critique The Story By Part. Answer The Questions Af…

Activity 2: Critique the story by part. Answer the questions after each part Encircle the letter of
the correct answer.
1. Aksionov met another merchant on his way to the fair. They had some tea
together and they went to bed in adjoining room. The next morning. Aksiono wake up
early and continued his journey.
Where do you think is the setting of the scene?
A. In a farm
C. In a highway
B. In an inn
2. When he had gone about twenty-five miles, he rested awhile. Suddenly
soldiers came and started to question Aksionov about the merchant he met last night. The
soldiers and police officers unstrapped his luggage and searched it Aksionev was
frightened when the officers found a blood-stained knife in his belongings. The
merchant he was with last night was found dead with his throat cut, and Aksionov became
the primary suspect.
What word best describe the scene?
A Desperation
B. Anger
C Confusion
3. Aksionov was sent to prison. He swore he did not kill the merchant. His
wife came. They made an appeal to Czar but it was not accepted.
What does the highlighted sentence mean?
A. Seeking for justice B. Looking for a friend
C. Hoping For mercy
1. Aksionov began to weep when his wife told him,” Tell ne dear, was it not
you who did it?” After that he never saw his wife and children anymore. When he
remembered that his wife also suspected him, he said to himself, “It seems that only God
can low the truth: It is to Him alone we must appeal, and from Ilim alone expect
What character of Axslonov is revealed in the scene?
A. He is religious B. He is coward C. He is has faith
5. For twenty five years Aksionov lived as convict in Siberia. He gained good
reputation inside the prison and was liked by the prison guards and other prisoners. Hie
was called as “Grandfather” and “the Saint
How is Aksionov in the prison?​

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