Activity #3: "Your Term Sounds Familiar" Matching Type: Select The BEST Word From…

Activity #3: “Your Term Sounds Familiar” Matching Type: Select the BEST word from column II to go with the sounds like word in column I. Write the correct letter on your separate answer sheet. COLUMN I COLUMN II 1. How Is Key Pink A. Room Status B. Occupancy 2. Four Row Aunt Of Peace The Part Me Hint 3. C. Reservation 4. Red Guest Her D. Departure 5. Rome Is Tight Toes E. Checklists 6. Dip Art Chore F. Amendments 7. Lee Nine Count Two Roll G. Department 8. Cheek Lay East H. Paid Out I. Linen Control 9. Oak You Fan Is Key 10. Wreck Sir Bay Is You Own J. Forms 11. Amen The Me Hens K. Front Office 12. Pay Day Oat L. Luggage 13. Four Rooms M. Amenities 14. Amen Night His N. Housekeeping 15. Log Hug Age O. Register P. Formats 9​


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