Activity 4: Comprehension Check! Let’s Find Out: How Tosolve Proble…

Activity 4: Comprehension Check!

Let’s Find Out: How tosolve problems involving algebraic expressions?

Let’s Use These Materials: Mathematics notebook and ballpen

Let’s Do It This Way: Fill in the blank in each item with the correct

information to complete the sentence. Choose your

answer from the word pool.Write your answer in your

Mathematics notebook. Number 1 is done for you.

 expression and equation

 write

 for the value of the variable

 verbal statements into

mathematical phrase

 the unknown with a variable

 answer in the original word


 understand

I. A. I know that in solving word problems involving algebraic expressions, I

have to translate verbal statements into mathematical phrases.

B. I know that in translating verbal phrase into a mathematical phrase, I

have to represent ______________________.

II. To solve word problems involving algebraic expression, we need to follow

the steps.

First, I have to read and _____________the problem.

Then, represent the ___________ and write the ___________ needed.

Next, solve ____________ or solve for the expression.

After solving,__________the answer.

Finally, check the ___________.​


nasa picture yung answer

Step-by-step explanation:

sana makatulong

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