Additional Activities What Words Best Describe You? For Your Last Activity, Look For…

Additional Activities What words best describe you? For your last activity, look for words in a dictionary, in a thesaurus, or even in online sources that start with the letter of your names. These words represent your personality. For example: My name is Kuya Pat. I will look for the best words that describe me that start in letters: K Kind U Understanding Y А P А T Youthful Amiable Patient Active Task-Oriented​


diko alam pasen sya na po

There are a lot of good synonyms for identify—which one to use depends on what exactly you want to mean. Here are some of the main ones:

  • recognize—to be able to tell what something is (and often to know its name), as in He immediately identified/recognized it as a monarch butterfly.
  • diagnose or pinpoint, as in My mechanic was finally able to identify/diagnose/pinpoint the problem.
  • associate, such as with a certain group or belief, as in She’s known for identifying/associating with the party’s reform wing.
  • distinguish, as in Her height identified/distinguished her as the volleyball player.
  • establish (who someone is), as in He has been identified/established as the main suspect. Relatedly, to identify someone is to figure out who they are—to establish their identity.

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