Ano Pong Content Ballad Of A Mother's Heart?

ano pong content ballad of a mother’s heart?


Ballad of a Mother’s Heart.

The night was dark, for the moon was young.

      And the stars were asleep and rare.

          The cloud were thick , yet Youth went out

                   To see his Maiden fair

” Dear One, ” he pleaded  as he knelt.

      Before her feet in tears,

” My love is true: why have you kept.

      I’m waiting all these years.

The Maiden  looked at him unmoved.

    It  seemed, and whispered low:

“Persistent Youth  , you have to prove.

    By deeds  your love is true”.

“There’s not a thing I would not do..

     For you , Beloved ,” said he,.

“Then go ‘ said she, “to your mother dear.

     And bring her heart to me “.

Without another  word, Youth left.

     And went to his mother dear.

And open’d her breast and took her heart.

      He did not not shed a tear.

Then back to his Maiden fair he ran.

         Unmindful of the rain.

But his feet slipped and down he fell.

        And loud he groaned with pain.

Still in his hand he held the prize.

        That would win his Maiden’s hand.

         And he thought of his mother dear.

         So kind, so sweet , so fond.

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And then he heard a voice, not from..

          His lips but all apart:

“Get up ,”it said; “were you hurt, Child ?”

           It was his mother’s heart.