Application Of Rules Or Principles Of New Situations Sample​

application of rules or principles of new situations sample​

Application of rules or principles of new situations sample

Application of new rules during a pandemic

  • Carry out regular cleaning and disinfection in work areas and public areas
  • Providing adequate and easily accessible handwashing facilities for workers and consumers/business actors
  • Ensuring workers understand self-protection from transmission of COVID-19 with clean and healthy living behaviors
  • Check body temperature for all workers before starting work and consumers or business actors at the entrance. Workers with a temperature > 37.30 degrees Celsius after two checks five minutes apart are not allowed to enter and are asked to carry out a health check.
  • Requiring workers and visitors to wear masks
  • Limit physical distance of at least 1 meter.
  • Prevent crowds.

Adaptation during the pandemic

This condition ultimately led the government to understand the need to implement new normal policies or a new normal order of life as a realistic response to the existence of COVID-19 and strengthened by estimates of the discovery of a vaccine as the only weapon to tackle COVID-19 which could not be found in a short time because it is still in the development stage and needs time to test it.

It can be concluded that the policy for a new normal life order emerged as a rational calculation of forecasts of national economic conditions, a compromise on the time span that is long enough for a vaccine to be found, as well as a realistic understanding that it is highly likely that COVID-19 will never disappear from the face of the earth, so that people must explore the possibility of peaceful coexistence.

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