B. Multiple Choices: Direction: Choose The Letter Of The Correct Answer And Wri…

B. Multiple Choices: Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer and write only the letter on the space provided before each number. 1. What does it mean that interpersonal communication is inherently rational? a. it is meant to be understood b. it requires multiple people c. at least one person views the other as an object 2. What is the physical context of communication? a. the expectation of each person b.the actual setting where communication is happening c. how physically close the people who are communicating 3. What is interpersonal communication? a. exchange of information between two or more people b. any common with you are involved c. communication in workplace 4. Which of the following should a manager consider when communicating in a business environment? a. space b. sender, receiver communication c. all of the above 5. It includes discussion, speeches, presentations, interpersonal communication and many other varieties.? a. None verbal Communication b. Verbal Communication c. Oral Communication d. all of the above 6. Graphic Design is used in what communication? a. None verbal Communication b. Visual Communication c. Oral Communication d. all of the above 7. When your text says that interpersonal communication can be thought of as a constellation of behaviors, it means that. a. it is important to understand the joint actions b. its important to understand how people label and evaluate relationships c. to understand the opposing forces that pull communicators in different directions d. all of the above 8. Which is true of difference between group and interpersonal communication?
a. a coordinating group interaction in more complex than interpersonal interaction
b. formalize rules are less likely to occur in small group than interpersonal communication
c. small group communication is mediated while interpersonal is face to face
d. all of the above
9. in comparison to small group communication in organizational a tional communication.
a. feedback is easier and more immediate
b. communication rules are more formal
c. message can be better adapted to the needs off the receiver
d. all of the above
10. it describes the process of conveying meaning in the form of non word messages
a. nonverbal communication
b. visual communication
c. oral communication
d. all of the above ​

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1 .A
2. C
4. C
10. A

Explanation:hope it helps correct me if I wrong #carry on learning