Ballad Of A Mother's Heart Without The Youthton And Want In A Mother Doar Andrei…

Ballad of A Mother’s Heart Without the Youthton and want in a mother doar Andrei het and the He did not shed at The back to his Maidenfarbe hit him leet alipped and he will down And loud he proaned with patat Still in his hand he held the price That would win his Maiden hand And he thought alhla mothar doar so kind an ownet, no hand. And then he heard a volen Not from his upa mir all apart “Get up, itd. “Were you hurt, Ilmasha mothers hlore
1. What significant characteristics of a mother are described in the poem?
2. How is the mother’s heart measured in the poem?
3. How will you relate the context of the poem to your own mother?
4. What do you think is the reason why La Villa Tierra entitled his work as such?​


1. ballad andrei alhla mothar doar

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