Choose The Correct Answer From The List Of Words Given Below Write The Letter Of The…

Choose the correct answer from the list of words given below Write the letter of the correct answer A Krama Color Value Repetition Harmony k Yok Dark Simpor Space G. Malance M. Bank M Vietnam N Hand Painted 0. Blockprinted 1 ankle long skirt of Lao women 2 national flower of Brunel done by welding together strips of metal block 4 the artist uses the canting to apply the wax to the doth to create the intricate design S refers to a lightness or darkness of a color 6 an element of art that is produced when light striking an object, is reflected back to the eye 7. the traditional check scarves worn almost universally by Cambodians & silk worm production 9. an element that occurs over and over again in a composition 10. golden thread silk 11 kind of brocade and often feature an all over pattern of flower 12. refers to the distance of areas around between or within components of a plere 13. refers to the ways in which the elements of a piece is arranged 14 brings together a composition with similar units 15. word believed to be related to the Malay wortuluk which means point, dot or drop​


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