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How Our Cultural, Socio-Economic and Religious Background Have an Impact in Resolving the Covid 19 Pandemic in our Country?

by: Maricel Guevarra Veniegas

The end is still not insight! Perhaps most of you will agree that the end of this pandemic which we have been battling off with nearly two years was still uncertain. There are many lives lost and victims who are fighting for their lives. Schools were still closed, our economy continued to slow down, and our movements were restricted. For Juan dela Cruz but not with Uncle Sam and other neighboring countries who seem to live back to normal. But why? What are the contributing factors why we can’t go back to our normal lives well in fact other countries can?

Cultural background. As for the latest statistics it was found out that rising cases of Covid 19 is the spread among families. Reported news showed that the virus spread fastly among households and family members. Filipinos are known to have a culture of close family ties. Many extended families whereas parents, married children and sometimes even grandparents are living under one roof. In addition, Filipinos have a culture of having too many celebrations and karaoke will never be absent. With this kind of belief, the spread of viruses is being hastened up.

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Socio-economic background. When strict implementation of quarantine was made many Filipinos resisted clamoring that they will not die with the virus but with famine since their daily needs depend on their livelihood. The Philippines is a developing country almost 75 – 80 percent of its citizens are on the poverty line hence these quarantines will even push them into poverty line. So, by no choice, they continue to earn a living despite the threat of being contaminated with the virus to feed their hungry mouth. Hence, cutting down the number of cases in the country is challenging on the government’s part since Filipinos need to continue earning.

Religious background. Among all the contributing factors presented this might be the least. Though Filipinos were said to be religious, the government successfully implemented minimum health protocols in religious gathering and even halted mass gathering that has something to do with religious tradition like fiesta, baptismal and the like.

To sum it up, the cultural and socio-economic background of the Filipinos have an impact in slowing down the mitigation of the pandemic. The pandemic did not change how we Filipinos live by culture and by our economic status. We continue to live together with our family and earn our living even if it will mean risking and losing our lives against the Covid virus.


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