Direction: Tell Which Kind Of Connection Is Shown In Each Of…

Direction: Tell which kind of connection is shown in each of the give situation. Write Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, or Text-to-World as appropriate for your answer.  
1. Zxyron heard a news about learners who are having a hard time studying in the new normal. He was reminded that he himself is also having a hard time.
2. Cholo saw the commercial advertisement of the Department of Health about protecting one’s self against Covid-19. He suddenly checks on his face mask to make sure he is wearing it.  
3.Thomas believes he can be able to study better if he is in school, then he saw the news about learners in America getting infected of Covid-19 virus after coming from the school. He suddenly felt not wanting to go to school yet.  4.Tina loves to visit her friends in the neighborhood. Then she saw a poster from the barangay about avoiding contacts with others aside from people you live with to avoid the spread of the corona virus. She stopped at the gate.  5.Candice wants to continue spreading good vibes to her friends even during the pandemic but there are social distancing rules. She did vlogging instead.  ​




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