DIRECTIONS: Match The Words In Column A With Their Correct Meaning Defin…

DIRECTIONS: Match the words in column A with their correct meaning definition in column B by the CAPITAL LETTER of your answer on the blank before each number.

1. Panchi

2. Ukiran halus

3. Ukiran kasar

4. Patain

5. ambatik

6 Ebony satin

7. Pantamaut

8. Loy Krathong

9. Sihn 10 Krama

11. kopiah

12 Bengaline weave

13 Wayang Kulit

14 Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

15 tongkolok

A. it means “a cloth with little dots”

B. a Thai flying lantern festival

C. the art of stone carving

D. traditional check scarves made of cotton

E. women’s ankle-long skirt in Lao

F. Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple

G. a woven silk and cotton material

H. shadow puppetry in Indonesia

I. fine woodcarving

J. a natural lustrous silk

K. making objects of gold or silver

L.a cap made from velvet

M. a headdress like a turban in the Middle East

N. rough woodcarving

O. the art of painting in Myanmar​



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