Directions Read Questions Carefully And Choose The Letter Of The Correct Activity…

Directions Read questions carefully and choose the letter of the correct
Activity 2
answer Write your answer in a separate sheet of paper.
1. Which of the following is a traditional medium of art?
a computers b. cellphones c laptops/netbooks
and ink.
d. pen
2. Which of the following statements below is NOT true?
a Digital art is also a traditional art.
b. Technology has not only made art more reachable to its audience, but
also to the artists.
c Despite of the changes brought about computer technology, the same
artistic thinking skills are applied.
d. Lines, shapes, colors, space and textures are still very important to
make the artwork great even with the use of technologies
3. Who painted Starry, Starry Night?
a. Fernando Amorsolo
b. Leonardo Da Vinci
c. Vincent Van Gogh
d. Tadao Cern
4. What is the title of this artwork of Fernando Amorsolo?
a Babaeng Bukid
b. Dalagang Bukid
c. Magandang Dalaga d. Babae
5. It refers to fine arts that use the old methods for creating artwork,
such as pens, brushes, clay and other tools.
a. Digital Arts
b. Traditional Arts
c. Poster Making
d. Logo Design​

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