During The Christmas Season,the Student Government Organization Was Abl…

During the Christmas season,the student government organization was able to solicit 2356 gorcery items and distribute 2198 grocery items to one barangay if this group decides to distributes 1207 grocery items to the next barangay,how many more grocery items do they need to solicit?

Activity 11: Humans Versus the World
Directions: Using a Venn diagram compare human being to other living things. Write
their different characteristics inside the Venn diagrams
Four legged
e e
a. From the four diagrams, do human beings share common characteristics
with the other living things? What are those?
b. State the common characteristics present among the four diagrams.
c. Which of the four living things has the most number of common characteristics
to human beings? What does this imply?
d. Which of the living things share only minimal characteristics with human
beings? What does it say about that animal?
e. What does this activity tell us about our relationship with our co-living things?
f. How was the concept of Venn diagram used in this activity?

1st step- add 2198 and 1207, the answer is 3045
2nd step- subtract 3045 with 2356 the diffrence is 689

689 is the grocery items neede to be solicited

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