Evaluation: Let's Check Your Understanding! Directions: Write Th…

Evaluation: Let’s check your understanding! Directions: Write the type of banner that is being described.

1. Provide the size and flexibility necessary for showcasing models, clothing, shops, and more. Looking elegant, and classy.

2. Is a decorative header image on a channel’s profile page.

3. Provides information about a company’s commercial services. You can find price points, service descriptions, and company details.

4. Typically provide details and act purely as party decorations.

5. To promote educational services or adorn a campus. You may design with the institution’s insignia inserted into the banner or perhaps you add a photo as the banner’s background.

Choices: •Advertising banners School banners Business banners ● ● •HR banners Birthday banners Gaming banners Fashion banners •Service banners ● ● Restaurant banners ● • YouTube banners →​


1. Fashion banners

2. YouTube banners

3. Business banners

4. Birthday banners

5. School banners

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