HEALTH 1 The Following Can Be Used For Composting Except One A Food Scraps B Yard Was…

1 The following can be used for composting except one
a Food scraps
b yard waste
c.plastic bags
2. Your mom brings her bayong every time she goes marketing. This shows
a. Recycling b. Reusing
c. Reducing
3. The following shows proper waste management at home except for one
a Planting in empty big cans c. Bury fruit and veggie peelings
b. Make jars out of bottles
d. Burn all papers and plastics
4. This kind of trash is capable of being decomposed by bacteria of other living organism.
a Biodegradable b. non-biodegradable c. recyclable
5. When we classify the garbage, we are doing
a Recycling b. Reusing
c. Reducing
d. Segregation
6. A group of people who share an environment
a Community
b. company
c family d clan
7. The following statements below are true except for one
Know and stand up for your rights
c. Bullying is the most common conflict
b. Having a personality disorder is natural.
d. Healthy person can handle a variety of
8. How to make our school and community healthy?
a. Loltering inside the school campus,
c joining the riots in the streets
b. Throwing garbage in the river.
d joining environmental clubs in the school
and in the barangay.
9. A member of the school health team to identity students with medical problems and dispense
a School Guard b. School Nurse c. School Principal
d. School Teacher
10. A place where pupils can move freely and can interact the classmates and teachers freely
a House
b. Market
c. Classroom
d. Playground
11. It is the art and science of maintaining, protecting, and improving the health of all the
members of the community through organized and sustained community efforts.
a. Physical health b. Social health c. Community health d. Environmental health
12. How will you build and keep your school and community environments healthy?
a. Use pesticides and harmful chemicals so insects will go away
b. Start organic gardening in school and community environments
c. Avold gardening and buy your food instead
d. All of the above.
13. To make your school and community environment safe and environmental friendly, make
sure that
a. Sharp objects are everywhere,
b. Chemicals and harmful pesticides are rechargeable
c. The environments are free from danger and harmful chemicals
d. None of the above
14 Which action does not show advocacy in environmental protection?
a Making intormative posters about recycling
b. Playing computer games instead of participating environmental programs in the
c. Using eco bags instead of disposable plastic bags.
d. Encouraging classmates to throw their garbage properly
15. Which action does not show advocacy in environmental protection?
a. Throwing plastic shopping bags in the trash bin.
b. Using old tires in planting vegetable in the backyard garden.
c Making paper bags using old magazines
d. Joining environmental clubs in the school

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