How CORONA VIRUS Spread: Can Mosquitoes Transmit COVID-19? Directions: 1. In Rela…

How CORONA VIRUS Spread: Can mosquitoes transmit COVID-19?
1. In relation to the global health crisis that we are experiencing, can CORONA
virus spread through mosquito bite?
2. Make a research on how CORONA VIRUS spread.
3. You may conduct an interview with the health practitioners in your community
or via the internet.
4. Include in your research about the possibility of transmitting COVID-19
through animal/insect bite.
5. Here are some of the suggested ways of presenting the result of your research
work; a. broadcasting script, b. Song or rap, c. Poem, d. Poster or slogan
and d. Advertisement

answer plsssss.​ because there’s no evidence or information that mosquitoes can spread virus

2.covid 19 is spreads by cough sneeze or speaks by an infected person

sorry d ko din tapos ung 3-5 sa exam ko

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