How Is The Spanish Alphabet Is Similar To The English Alphabet In Terms O…

how is the spanish alphabet is similar to the english alphabet in terms of letters,names,and pronounciation?​

Answer: Learning the Spanish alphabet requires only learning three more letter than are found in the English alphabet. These include ch (che), ll (elle) and ň (eňe). The fit into the alphabet in an order that also makes sense, following the letter from the English alphabet that starts with the same similar letter. Here is the order they appear in:

A: a

B: be

C: ce

CH: che

D: de

E: e

F: efe

G: ge

H: hache

I: i

J: jota

K: ka

L: ele

LL: elle

M: eme

N: ene

Ñ: eñe

O: o

P: pe

Q: cu

R: ere

S: ese

T: te

U: u

V: ve

W: doble u

X: equis

Y: i griega

Z: zeta

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