How To Make Eulogy Give Me An Example​

How to make eulogy give me an example​


1. Brainstorm Ideas for the Eulogy

Before you start writing a eulogy, brainstorm ideas for points to include in your speech and get organized.

2. Write the Eulogy’s Introduction

 Use this template for writing the 1st paragraph of the eulogy.

In the opening statement, acknowledge why everybody is gathered—i.e. to celebrate the life of the deceased and to say goodbye.

3. Write a Short Biography of the Deceased’s Life

For paragraphs 2 to 5 of the eulogy, give the funeral guests a short overview about the deceased’s life by using this template:

First discuss when and where the deceased was born, who was in his or her birth family, significant family events, and any other interesting family details. 

For example:

“John was born on December 12, 1952, in the small town of Smithville, Idaho.  His parents, Wilma and Fred Smith, settled in the town in 1939 and were corn farmers.  John was the oldest of five boys, Fred, Lincoln, Garry and Paul.  The family suffered a devastating loss in 1960 when Lincoln died from polio.”

4. Include Special Memories, Stories, and Qualities of the Deceased in the Eulogy

For paragraphs 6 to 9 of the eulogy, share special memories and stories about the deceased.  Use this template to cover these topics:

After you have covered biographical information about the deceased is the time to delve into  any special memories or stories.

You can use some humour here, if you wish.  But be careful to use humour that is appropriate for the occasion and that others will find tasteful.

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For example:

“My dad would always volunteer to be the coach for our football team.  We loved going camping and fishing with him on the weekends, though we spent more time joking around than actually catching any fish.  Family was the most important thing to my dad.  He would always say, “Family will always be there to watch your back, so be nice to your brothers!”

5. Close the Eulogy With Words of Comfort and a Final Goodbye

For paragraph 10 of the eulogy—the final paragraph—give the congregation some words of comfort to dwell on using template.

Talk about the lessons that the deceased taught you and how he or she impacted your life.   

For example:

“Emily taught me to work hard, be kind to others, and never take life too seriously.  Her humour, selflessness and kindness will continue to inspire those who had the privilege of knowing her.”

6. Proofread the Eulogy

You need to proofread your eulogy a couple of times to ensure that all the information is correct and that it strikes the right tone.

It would be best to have a trusted family member or friend check it for you also to ensure that the facts are correct, that your humour is not too much, and that it is well written.

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