II. Direction: Identify The Following Sentences Below. Write IF For Individ…

II. Direction: Identify the following sentences below. Write IF for
Individual factor; RF for Relationship factor; SF for School factor and CSF
for Community/ Societal factor. Write your answer on the space provided.
RE 1. Peer mentoring
2. Clear and consistent discipline
3. Stable employment
4. Supportive parenting
5. Stable home environment
6. Increasing the ability of society to promote positive values,
laws, rules and customs
7.Strong support for education
CSF 8. Strong community engagement
9. School-based anti-bullying campaign
10. Good physical health​


1. RF

2. IF

3. CSF

4. RF

5. RF

6. CSF

7. SF

8. CSF

9. SF

10. IF

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