LEARNING AREA COMPETENCIES Hlustrates Situations That Involve The…

LEARNING AREA COMPETENCIES Hlustrates situations that involve the following variations: (a) direct; (b) inverse; (c) joint; (d) combined. Translates into variation statement a relationship between two quantities given by: (a) a table of values: (b) a mathematical equation; (c) a graph, and vice versa. Solves problems involving variation. Mathematics A. IDENTIFICATION Directions: Identify what type of variation is being describes in each number. Write D if it is Direct, I if Inverse, C if Combined and J if Joint and write your answer on the space before the number. 1. Distance from Center of Falcrum Neonber od Rectangles 2. The time that Mrs. Calindog spends in checking papers to the number of students, 3 Time (ho) Distance 5 50 4. The electrical voltage varies jointly as the current and the restance 5. The volume of gas varies directly as ils temperature ond inverselysis pressure​


I, I, J, I, D Tama po yan, yan din po sinagot ko sa module Tama naman po ako

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