Learning Task 2: Read And Analyze Each Problem Below Then Answer The Qu…

Learning Task 2: Read and analyze each problem below then answer the questions that follow. 1. Consider the trapezoid on the right. If you cut the trapezoid along the dotted lines, you divide it into two figures. Now, answer the following questions: – into what shapes has the trapezoid been divided? – What are the height and base of each shape? – Find the area of each shape and add them together. How does this sum compare to the area of the trapezoid? 2. Study the drawing on the right. Name at least two familiar figures you can see in the drawing. Find the area of the figure. If this drawing shows half of the drawing for a facade of a one-storey building, draw the whole building. What familiar figures can you identify in the new drawing? Find the area of the new figure. 6 cm b. 20 cm ¹h 16 cm b: 25 cm 8cm 17cm 11 cm​

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