Learning Task 2. Read The Excerpt Of The Essay PLIANT LIKE A BAMBOO TREE By I.V. Ma…

Learning Task 2. Read the excerpt of the essay PLIANT LIKE A BAMBOO TREE by I.V. Mallari. After reading, answer the questions that follow. Write your answers in the space provided. PLIANT LIKE A BAMBOO TREE by I.V. Mallari There is a story in Philippine folklore about a mango tree and a bamboo tree. Not being able to agree as to which was the stronger of the two, they called upon the wind to make the decision. The wind blew its hardest. The mango tree stood fast. it would not yield. it knew it was strong and sturdy. It would not sway. It was too proud. It was too sure of itself. But finally, its roots gave way, and it stumbled down. The bamboo tree was wiser. It knew it was not as robust as the mango tree. And so, every time the wind blew, it bent its head gracefully. It made loud protestations, but it lets the wind have its way. When finally, the wind got tired of blowing, the bamboo tree still stood in all its beauty and grace. The Filipino is like a bamboo tree. He knows that he is not strong enough to resist the vigorous attack of superior forces. So, he yields and has survived. This means that the Filipino would accept any kind of life that God would present to him. For this reason, he is contented, happy and at peace. To him, as to that oriental poet,” the past is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision; but today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” The Filipino is very resilient, he has the ability to recover from any obstacle that comes his way. Man-made or natural forces, he emerges triumphantly. He never gives up, no matter how hard life was before and even now… the FILIPINO remains to be PLIANT like the Bamboo.

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1. What dominant characteristics of the Filipinos are compared to those of bamboo? __.____

2. What part in the excerpt depicts history? _______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

3. Identify the part in the excerpt that implies the religious belief of the Filipinos. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

4-5. Identify the characteristic of the bamboo that is compared to the resiliency of the Filipinos. Explain your answer. ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________


1.firm and not giving up as long as

2.The Filipino is like a bamboo tree. He knew he was not strong enough to withstand the powerful attacks of the superior forces. So, he bears fruit and survives. That is, the Filipino will accept whatever kind of life God offers him.

3.believe in god

4-5.spirit, Because like bamboo the spirit of the Filipinos is strong and resilient, any more disaster or trial will rise again and remain steadfast