Learning Task 2: Show How Technology Helps You In Expressing Your Ideas And Feelings. D…

Learning Task 2: Show how technology helps you in expressing your ideas and feelings. Do not
forget to give your artwork a title. Choose from the following options:
a. Poster – Here are the materials needed for this activity:
1 pc. short bond paper in landscape form)
Coloring materials (only those that are available)
Remember: A poster is a combination of texts and graph used to communicate or express.​


Here’s to help you think of an Idea:

Technology has greatly contributed to the field of communication and information through electronic devices and social media. I suggest you focus on how technology helps in expressing ideas and feelings to your friends.

Here’s an example:

Draw how technology helps you share your art with your friends instantly via social media. Like, on one side of the paper is your artwork, then on the other side are your friends liking your artwork on social media. You can use design elements that are seen in social media but not too much.

Find Help in learning Visual Art – https://brainly.ph/question/2809402


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