Learning Task 3: Translate Each Problem Into A Mathematical Equation Then Solve: 1.)…

Learning Task 3: Translate each problem into a mathematical equation then solve:

1.) I am 24 years old. My age is 2 less than twice my sister’s age.

2.) Arvin has a bake shop. He sold 85 cakes today. That is 16 cakes fewer than yesterday. How many cakes did he sell yesterday?

3.) Ann have 56 stamps that are 6 less than one-half of my stamps. How many stamps do I have?

4.) This month, Chiz earned only 3/4 of his earning last month. If his earning last month is P12,600. How much did he earn this month?

5.) In Baguio City, a horse ride costs P120.00 per person for the first 30 minutes and P50.00 for every additional 10 minutes. If you spent P270.00 for a horse ride, for how long did you ride?​





5.) You’re turn

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