Learning Task 3 Translate Each Problem Into Mathematical Equation Then Solve 1. I Am 24…

learning task 3 translate each problem into mathematical equation then solve
1. i am 24 years old my age is two less than twice my sister age.

2.ivan has a bakeshop he sold 85 cakes today . that is 16 cakes fewer than yesterday how many cakes did he sell yesterday?

3. ann has 56 stamps that is 6 less than one-half of my stamps how many stamps do i have?

4.this month Chiz earned only 3/4 of his earnings last month if his earning last month is P12,600 How much did he earn this month ?

5.In baguio City a horse ride costs P120.00 per person for the first 30 minutes and P50.00 for every additional 10 minutes if you spent P270.00 for how long did you?

pls pa answer po ng tama
pag tama po ang sagot
I bra brainliest ko promise​


Step-by-step explanation:



yan sagot ko Sana makatulong sayo

correct me if I wrong


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