Learning Task 5: Multiple Choice: Write The Correct Answer On…

Learning task 5: Multiple Choice: Write the correct answer on the space provided 1. The human nervous system comprises the A. Central Nervous system and the peripheral Nervous system B. Central Nervous System and the somatic Nervous System C. Sympathetic and the parasympathetic D. Autonomic and the somatic nervous system 2. The autonomic nervous system A. enables us to act to an external environment B. transmits motor information to the brain C. regulates the internal environment D. is located within the brain 3.The autonomic nervous system is part of the A. Somatic nervous system B. Peripheral nervous system C. Parasympathetic nervous system D. Sympathetic nervous system 4.In general afferent nerves carry sensory information A. to the Central nervous system B. to the peripheral nervous system mru cystem​








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