LT#7 Cross A White Chicken With A Checkered Chicken White Chicken=WW Checker…

cross a white chicken with a checkered chicken
white chicken=WW
checkered chicken=BW
black chicken=BB
a. genotype
b. phenotype

use a Punnet square​

Answer:  WW=white BW=checkered chicken
[  ]   [W]  [W]      genotype:BW,WW
[B] [BW][BW]     phenotype: checkered chicken

BW= checkered chicken BB= black chicken
[  ] [B] [W]
[B][BB][BW]      genotype:BB,BW  
[B][BB][BW]      phenotype: black chicken

WW=white chicken BB=black chicken
[  ]  [W] [W]
[B][BW][BW]    genotype: BW
[B][BW][BW]     phenotype: checkered chicken.

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