Make A Poem About The Nervous And Endocrine Systems.​

make a Poem about the Nervous and Endocrine Systems.​


The nervous system, a complex design

Of neurons and synapses, all intertwined

Sending signals through our brains

To help us move, feel, and maintain

But what of the endocrine, you might ask?

A system of glands that’s up to the task

Of regulating hormones, a delicate dance

Keeping our bodies in a constant trance

Together, these systems work as one

Controlling our bodies until we’re done

The nervous system sends out commands

While the endocrine keeps hormones in hand

When we’re scared, our nerves react

Releasing adrenaline, a powerful act

Our endocrine follows with cortisol in tow

Helping us cope and keeping us on the go

These systems are essential, it’s true

Without them, we wouldn’t know what to do

So let’s take care of them both, day by day

Ensuring they function in the best possible way

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