Make A Reflection About Ballad Of A Mother's Heart ​

make a reflection about Ballad of a mother’s heart ​


Ballad of a Mother’s Heart: Reflection

With this short poem, with this eight stanzas, it explained the meaning of this story very well. It shows how the man chose the girl over his mother. At first, I was a little bit confused because it is a poem and I thought that I wouldnt understand it because my understanding in poems . Well, it is a great story and it shows too that a mother’s love lasts forever even you chose something or someome over her.

Ballad of a Mother’s Heart: Review

I already encountered things like this, choosing someone over their mother but her love will never fade but the “getting someones heart” thingy, I havent encountered it yet and besides, that part of the poem was creepy, he even did that without hesitations. But this poem is great.

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