Make A Slogan Or Poster About Proper Disposal/storage Of Materials…

make a slogan or poster about proper disposal/storage of materials that are harmful to the environment​

Slogan about Proper Disposal of Harmful Materials

“Keep and save our environment from harm.”

A simple slogan could help each one of us to be aware and do something for our environment. It can change lives and their mindset on taking care of our mother earth. We need to be educated on this matter to know the proper disposal o storage of materials at home. As individuals, actions are more important than just saying them. Show the appropriate way to do so we can contribute to the safety of the environment.

Some harmful materials can lead the environment to the worst scenario. Do not let those waste destroy what God gave to us people. Be mindful and have a concern for our environment. We should not see this as a worthless act. Small things that we could do can be a huge impact.

We are all affected if we do not act now. Remember the slogan above to remind ourselves to take care of our environment in the best possible way. Do not let other people destroy it, teach and educate them on how to reuse, reduce and recycle. Each one of us could be a hero in simple things and actions.

How could we properly dispose of our waste:


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