MATHEMATICS 1. A. Match The Phrases In Column A With Their Equivalent Algebr…

1. A. Match the phrases in column A with their equivalent Algebraic expressions in column B. Write the letter of your answers on a sheet of paper.
a.3n + 6 = 15 b. 20+ 2x c. 3/k+8)
1. thrice the sum of a number and elght 2. A number diminished by eleven
3. increase the product of a number and 4 by 5 is equal to lwenty-five 4. Three times a number increased by six is fifteen 5. Iwenly plus twice a number
d. 4m + 5 = 25 e.y-11
B. Write the following statement as equations.
6. Four times a number minus lwenty-nine is eleven. _7. The product of four less than thrice a number and two will result to
8. Three-fifths of a number plus eight is fifty.
Translate the following Algebraic expressions to word phrases. Write your answers on a sheet of paper
_9.) 51 – (x+5) _10.) 317-8)
II. A. Write an expression to represent each of the following.
_11. Four limes ten divided by five 12. Twelve diminished by two 13. Six times three added to seven 14. Eight added to the product of five and three _15. Twenly-five added to two
B. Solve each problem.
16. A family of three adults and three children visited the circus. They went to the ticket booth to purchase tickets for all the rides and games. The total cost of the family’s ticket was P1.560.00. If an adult fickel costed P280.00, how much was the ticket cost for each child?
A.P140.00 B. P240
C.P245.00 D. P250.00
17. In Baguio Cily, a horse ride costs P120.00 per person for the first 30 minutes and P50.00 for every additional 10 minutes. If you spent P270.00 for a horse ride, for how long did you ride
A. 1 hour B. 1 1 hour
C. 2 hours D. 3 hours18. There are 56 pupils in a class. Thirly-six of them joined the fieldtrip Wilde an equalion to find the number of pupils who did not join the fieldtrip.
A. 56 – 36 = 20 B. 56 – 6 = 50
C.56 – 30 = 26 D. 56 x 2 =112
C. 9
19. The average of 6 numbers is 15. The average decreases by 1 when the 7th number is added. What is the value of the 7th number
A. 7 8.8
D. 10 20. During the council meeting, the number of women is 2 times the number of men. How many women and men allended the meeting If there were 30 people present? A. 10 women and 20 men
C. 20 women and 10 men B. 15 women and 15 men
D. 30 women and 10 men​

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1. A
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. C

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