Mga Paalala Ng Ermitanyo Kay Don Juan​

mga paalala ng ermitanyo kay don juan​


Don Juan has been journeying on foot for three years now, but has still been unable to find the kingdom of Delos Cristal. He can’t figure out where in the world is Delos Cristal. (Sounds like a computer game, right?)

Anyway, he meets an old man and asks him about Delos Cristal, but the old man is equally clueless. The old man, however, advised Juan to go to the seventh mountain where he will find a 500-year old hermit. The old man gives Juan a piece of cloth.

Juan goes to the old hermit, and shows him the piece of cloth. The hermit is amazed by the cloth and exclaims: “Jesus Christ, my Lord, it is only now that I’ve seen your clothes!”

(What I can’t get is, if the old man Juan met along the way was Jesus Christ, why didn’t He know where Delos Cristal is? Then again, perhaps He wanted Juan to see the 500-year old hermit. Also, if that was the first time the hermit saw the clothes of Christ, how did he recognize the cloth in the first place? Oh well.)

Juan asks the hermit about Delos Cristal, but the hermit does not know where that kingdom is. He even asked the animals in the forest, but neither did they know about Delos Cristal.

You can already see what’s coming, right?

As you’ve correctly guessed, the 500-year old hermit asks Juan to travel to the seventh mountain (from where they were), so that Juan can consult the 800-year old hermit there.

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The even older hermit consults with the birds and one eagle. Fortunately for Juan and his weary feet, the eagle knows where the kingdom of Delos Cristal is. At last, Don Juan will meet the beautiful Doña Maria Blanca whom the Ibong Adarna crowed so much about.

Juan rides on the back of the eagle, and they fly towards the East for one month before they reach the kingdom of Delos Cristal.

(Whew! You’ve only traveled nine paragraphs and you’re probably weary. Imagine how tired Juan is.)

The eagle gives Juan some advice before flying away: “At 4:00 in the morning, three princesses wearing dove’s clothes will arrive, and will bathe. Hide and do not show yourself.”