Performance Task. Reflect On How You Are Doing As A HUMSS Student Who…

Performance Task.

Reflect on how you are doing as a HUMSS student who is at the same time a child, a grandchild, a friend, a neighbor and has many roles to play in the society. Make a diagram, a poster, a song, a poem, a dance, a meme, an artwork, a rap composition, a vlog or something academically acceptable that tell a message of hope or something positive to help solve social issues especially in time of crisis like the one brought by COVID-19 or those victims of calamity like typhoon Odette. Make your work simple. A very short rap composition is enough. A stick-figure artwork or even a 2- minutes vlog is acceptable. Be creative and be nice to yourself. In applying what you learned into real life situations or concerns, just be honest and be sincere. Remember the principles and concept you learned about communication to deliver your message effectively.​


As a HUMSS student and a member of society, I believe that it is important to not only focus on academic achievements but also on our roles as children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors. In times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic or natural disasters like Typhoon Odette, it is even more crucial to come together and support one another.

I have created a poem that reflects on the importance of community and hope in times of crisis:

When the world is in chaos and despair,

We must remember that we are all connected,

As children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors,

We must unite and stand strong together.

In the face of a pandemic or a storm,

We must offer our hands to those who are torn,

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We must help each other to weather the storm,

And keep the flame of hope burning strong.

Let us be the light that shines in the dark,

Let us be the hope that brings a new start,

Let us be the strength that lifts up the weak,

And let us find the courage to never be meek.

For we are not just students or individuals,

We are part of a larger community,

A community that thrives on love and compassion,

And a community that will always endure.

So let us remember our roles in society,

And let us always strive for unity,

For together we can overcome any adversity,

And make this world a better place for eternity.

I hope my poem inspires others to come together and support one another, especially during difficult times.