Read The Excerpt Below: An Individual Cannot Live His Or Her…

Read the excerpt below:

An individual cannot live his or her life just agreeing with everybody he or she meets. A critical mind

aided by a philosophy can help us from our own personal point of view that can guide us in making

decisions and actions when faced with a problem. Each individual’s point of view is unique but it

should be based on sound and reasonable ideas and views. We would be able to come up with ideas

which are truthful and can be accepted universally through the study Philosophy. Let us imagine

several individuals reacting to news on the television and radio about the SAME SEX MARRIAGE that

is being proposed in the congress. Let’s analyze the opinions of these individuals.

Father Nael: (Priest)

It’s not allowed to marry with the same sex. Married is for a man and a woman. This is a

sacred ceremony for a couple that promise and exchange vows before the Lord. They disobeyed the

commandments of the Lord. God created man for woman.

Mrs. Casiana: (Member in the society)

It is awkward to hear that same sexes were married. How could they produce children?

Even though they loved each other, but for me it is a mistake.

Mr. Serge: (Gay)

I agree on these proposal, in a sense that I could feel secured and have peace of mind. And

I would also feel full of happiness because my love one and I will live together in a legal way.

Ms. Emyang: (Lesbian)

It is alright for me. There’s no such mistake of having an affair with same sex, because we cannot

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resist that love that we felt, whatever gender it is, as long as you live with her with happiness and

feel comfortable of being companion, well it’s good. So much good if you both live in a legal way or

have married legally.

Ms. Jennifer: (Parent of a gay)

If that proposal would be a law, I would just let my son-gay to marry a man if he thinks that a man is

meant for him. As long as they know their limitations and overcome the consequences in their

relationship. I would agree just for him to be happy.

Activity 2: My Personal Insights:

After reading the six arguments on the given issues above, which do you think the best argument

and why? Write your answer in your Reflection notebook.


The priest’s argument is based from the Bible.

Casiana’s argument is based on what is accepted in society.

The G*y’s argument are based from what is secured as legal.

The l*sbian’s argument is also based on what is legal.

Jennifer’s argument is based from what her gay son will do or feel.

Therefore, the G*y’s argument is the best for me even though they have the same concept with lesbian because the Gay’s argument is short but clearly delivered and comprehensive.


The g*y is telling that marriage is the only way to make a two couple legal. That is why he said, he secured and have a peace of mind, cause they will not think what the society will tell them for being together. Also, I think LG*Ts argument is the most valid since they are the one who will experience this thing and not other people.

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