С 8. The Message Is Interpreted And Decoded By The Feedback B Rece…

8. The message is interpreted and decoded by the
b Receiver
9 Based on the given information about communication, it can be inferred tha
good communication involves various rules that make the action exhausting
good communication involves people wilh only good relationships
good communication involves factors and actions that make it systematic
good communication involves messages about events that only happened recently
10. Which of the following communication models presents communication as a one
der to the receiver?
transactional model
C interact
helical model
d linear
11. Which valid inference can be made based on the communication models?
Communication is only applicable in certain situations.
Communication is a complicated process.
Communication is only for people with advanced critical thinking skills
Communication, which can be done in different ways, is a systematic process
2. Which of the following can be considered as noise in the process of communica
the knowledge imparted by the message
С the he
-ho month of the receiver
d them​


paki basa nga pormee or tagalog mo nalng

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