TEXT B Another Lesson We Learned Is This: Democracy In Its Turn Do…

TEXT B Another lesson we learned is this: democracy in its turn does not automatically mean prosperity. For prosperity also has a mind of its own and does not follow democracy around like a faithful dog. Prosperity too must be earned … by land reform and industrialization; by postponing consumption to build up savings and investments, passing up the temporal joys of English Leather for an extra clink into the piggy bank; by patronizing our local industries; and most of all by a policy of protectionism that promotes economic development and national self-reliance. To be free is to be responsible for one’s self. When you come home at night from your school, office or factory, and lay your head on the pillow to claim the rest you earned at the end of a long day, between the closing of your eyes where thought and plans and prayers dwell: Think. Think of the role you play in the great task before us, building a nation destined to be a force in a free and better world. Plan. Measure out new possibilities that none shall suffer for lack of work and that hope shall come sooner than our people have a right to expect. And Pray. Pray that our nation may, under God, survive to greatness through its Awkward Age.

What is the subject of the text? What is the purpose of the writer in writing the text? Who are the intended audience of the text? Does the text use formal or informal language? Does the text Use personal or impersonal style of writing? Is the text written using the proper structure? (Yes/No)​

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This is an example of a non-academic text.


Though it has a formal and persuasive tone, it might be a speech or opinion piece.