Tinatamad Na Ako Mag Answer:') Nonsense = Report Sino Makaka Sagot Nito Ga…

Tinatamad na ako mag answer:’) nonsense = report sino makaka sagot nito gawin kong brainly. Directions: Read the questions and ancircle the letter of the best answer 1. Which of the following reading texts can you find a procedural text A Recipe of chicken adobo al volution of the Philippine Flag Poster of COVID 2010 D. News article about PHILHEALTH 2. An advertisement about the school’s opening and admission A Factual Recount e Discussion lavt B. Non-chronological report D Persuasion laxt 3. A text of how the metamorphosis of butterfly takes places A Explanatory text C Discussion text B. Non-chronological report D. Persuasion text 4. An opinion section about whether online games be banned in the Philippines is a example of what factual text? A Discussion text C Procedural text B. Non-chronological report D. Persuasion text 5. Which of the following is an example of a factual recount? A Autobiography cxouse letter to the teacher B. DepEd Memorandum D News article 6. Which of these pupils identify the correct type of informational or factual text? A Martha uses procedural text in making her DIY or Do it Yourself bracelet B Carla explains the phases of the moon as a sample for discussion text​


Kapag tma gawin nyo po ako brianliest slamat po








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