To Start, Let Us Take A Review About The Lesson That You Have Learr M…

To start, let us take a review about the lesson that you have learr
Module 1 Week 1. Let us try this activity.
Activity 1: Guess the Mystery Word!
Directions: Study the relationships of four pictures below. Identify th
tells about the common concept drawn from the four pictures. Write y
the boxes below. The number of spaces in the box is the same as the n
the word has.
Answer the following questions:
1. Does friction slow down or increase the rate of move
What is the direction of the force exerted by friction​


1 .The force of friction opposes the motion of an object, causing moving objects to lose energy and slow down. When objects move through a fluid, such as air or water, the fluid exerts a frictional force on the moving object. The frictional force from a fluid is called a drag force.


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