Total – 30 Polnts Learning Task 6 Assessment Choose The Letter Of The…

Total – 30 polnts
Learning Task 6 Assessment
Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on the space provided before each number.
1. Which of the following statements DOES NOT describe evolution?
a. Evolution is continuous.
b. Evolution refers to change.
c. The world is stable and unchanging.
d. If there is mutation, there is evolution.
2. Which pairs of animals show a correct example of homologous structures?
a. Wings of butterfly and bat.
b. Flipper of whale and forelimb of cat.
c. Fingers of human and arm of starfish
d. Tongue of frog and proboscis of mosquito.
3. In what Era can the oldest fossils be found?
a. Cenozoic
b. Mesozoic
c. Paleozoic
d. Pre-Cambrian
4. Why do organisms with close biochemical similarities show stronger evolutionary relationships?
a. They have varied and different ancestry.
b. They have similar patterns during their early stages of development.
c. They have a common ancestor and have the same kind of proteins.
d. They possess same vestigial structure that made their evolutionary relationship closer.
5. Which of the following statements supports the idea that extinction is necessary?
a. To give way for other organisms to develop b. To let other organisms, evolve and progress
c. To know who is the fittest
d. All of the above
Share your insights about the lesson. Write your answer on the space provided.
I understand that
I realize the importance of
I wish to ask my teacher about​







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