Translate Each Problem Into Mathematical Equation And Then Solve…

Translate each problem into mathematical equation and then solve it

17. Lucy has a bake shop. She sold 82 cakes today. That is 15 cakes fewer than yesterday. How many cakes did she sell yesterday?

18. Gabby have 38 stamps that are 4 less than one-half of my stamps. How many stamps do I have?

19. This month, Hope earned only 45 of her earning last month. If her earning last month is P12,600. How much did she earn this month?

20. In Tagaytay City, a horse ride costs P100.00 per person for the first 30 minutes and P50.00 for every additional of 30 minutes. If you spent P250.00 for a horse ride, how many minutes did you ride?


17. 97 cakes

18. 68 stamps

19. 5,670pesos

20. 2 hours and 30 minutes

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