What Are The Parts Of Screen Monitor For Windows In The Computer​

what are the parts of screen monitor for windows in the computer​

The Windows Environment helps us to visually organize our files, folders, and programs to make it easier to find and open them using the “Desktop”, which generally looks like this:


Often people change the image on the screen, called the background, which can make the desktop look different from computer to another. However, this won’t change the basic parts of the screen.

Icons: In the body of the screen you’ll see a number of images (pictures) that are called icons. Each one of these, also known as shortcuts, are related to either a computer file, a folder (containing files), or a program. When double-clicked, icons will open the object in a new window.

Start Menu:The start button is another way of locating files, folders, and programs on the computer. When you left-click the buttons you will see a new window that looks like the one to the right.The icons on the left will be programs you have opened recently. Single clicking any of these will open the program. The options on the top right are where you go to find files you’ve saved on the computer.
My Documents/Pictures/Music/Computer: This is a quick method for finding computer files that you have saved. Windows will automatically save your files to one of these folders based on the file type. My Computer, when clicked, will give you access to the entire computer.

Control Panel: This is where you make changes to the computer settings, appearance, and to remove programs.

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Printers and Faxes: This is where you can add, remove, or make changes to the properties of your printer(s).

All Programs: This button will help you locate all of the programs loaded on your computer.

Taskbar: At the bottom of the Desktop you will see a strip of buttons and images. This is called the Taskbar. The small icons here are shortcuts to opening programs.


In the middle are open programs. On the right is a clock and programs running in the background.

The Windows Environment

The image here is an example of a “Window” or rectangular box that pops onto the screen when we open a computer file, folder, or program. Learning what the buttons in the typical window do will be very helpful.worddoc

Title Bar: This describes the opened Window
Resize/Maximize: will allow you to change the size of the window, or to maximize to full screen.
Minimize: Will take your window off the main screen, but will not close it.

Close: will close the current window. You’ll have to open the window again if closed.
Scroll Bars: will help you move up, down, left, or right within the window. Simply click and drag the bar.

Menu Bar: Just below the title bar is the standard menu bar (Windows XP). By clicking on the titles, like File, Edit, View, etc it will show your options. Each window will place this menu bar in the same place, however the options might be different. This MS Word window has additional menu options as icons that can be used for opening, saving, or printing the document you have open. This bar also includes the most common formatting options like font type, size, color, and whether you want your words to be left, right, or centered.

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Opening Programs

To open programs from the Desktop, simply double-click the program’s icon. To open a program from the start menu, single-click one of the recently opened programs, or find the program using the All Programs menu shown at the bottom. To close an open program, simply single-click the X button at the top of the program window.

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