What I Can Do A. On Another Sheet, Copy The Table Below And For A Day, List Down Your E…

What I Can Do

A. On another sheet, copy the table below and for a day, list down your

exposure to the different forms of electromagnetic waves. Write the time duration of

exposure and your activity. Then identify the form of EM wave involved and the

source of that wave. An example was given as your guide.

Time Duration Activity Form of EM




9:00 AM – 10: 00 AM I watch my favorite TV show. Radio wave Television

B. Write a self-reflection related to your answer on the table above. Use the

following questions as guide.

What activity has the most radiation exposure over a long period? What

could be the possible negative effects of this exposure to you? How are you going to

minimize such effects?


the answer is on the pic


hope it helps(≧∇≦)/

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