What's New Previously, You Have Just Leamed About Translating Mathematical Stat…

What’s New Previously, you have just leamed about translating mathematical statement into algebraic expressions. This time, let us answer the activity below which will help us solve problems involving algebraic expressions. Activity 21 Find my message. Direction: Match each equation with the problem it represents. Write the equation and corresponding letter. Then write the letter of the equation in the table that has the problem number. Discover the message form by the letters. M 블 = 150 T X+8= 21 S a-12=25 D m-13=41 ol H c+10=35 4t=360 = 55 P A 28-18 1. Jeny has 8 more pens than Pete does. If Jeny has 21 pens, how many does Pete has? 2. Eliza is 12 years younger than Drexia. If Eliza is 25, how old is Drexia? 3. Jane has scored twice as many goals as Jacky has. If Jane’s goal total is 18, how many goals has Jacky scored? 4. Mark delivered 13 fewer plants this week than last week. If he delivered 41 plants this week, how many did he deliver last week? 5. Three friends went out for lunch. They shared the cost of the meal equally. If each person paid Php55, what was the total cost of the meal? 6. Theresa and her friends share a cake. The cost of the cake is shared equally between them. If each of them pays Php 150, how much does the cake cost? 7. Ana sold 10 more flowers than Cristy did. If Ana sold 35 flowers, how many did Cristy sell? 8. Racquel paid 4 times as much for a wallet as Alma did. If Racquel paid Php 360, how much did Alma pay? 6 3 1 7 361 2 5 8​

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1. x+8 = 21 – T

2. a-12 = 25 – S

3. 2s = 18 – A

4. m-13 = 41 – D

5. c/3 = 55 – U

6. p/2 = 150 – M

7. c+10 = 35 – H

8. 4t = 360 – P